The world keeps turning
Population is still expanding
We are not on the brink of extinction
Life continues nonetheless

People are still meeting
Getting naughty in the boardroom
Making cake
And eating it all

Every natural disaster
Every inhuman war
All the pandemic mess
Cancer on the wards

We are still surviving
We are still growing
From all the deaths
There are more births

This year 80 million more people
Will be in this world
7.8 billion people searching
For hope a reason a sign

As heart wrenching every death is
From covid, cancer or aids
We will still be infesting this plant
As wildlife sees the end of days

Many types of animal
Everything that’s aquatic
Delicate colourful fauna
Poisoned by all that’s plastic

As natural disasters intensify
As mental disease takes its toll
As the world suffers daily
Is there nothing to do at all

We can sit in our boxes thinking
Self isolating wishing away the day
Many people profit from our loss
Is this the only way?

We are powerless to do anything?
We just have to be silent and obey
Get brain washed from fake news
Is this routine here to stay?

Even though we are surrounded by negativity
The world rotates the same
Food and water is still on the table
Will this start to change

We need to think differently
We need to lose all the hate
We won’t win in small groups
This has to be global team

I know it sounds like bullshit
I know I’m not always correct
But we need some collective energy
If we are to make amends.

It’s not about the apocalypse
The sun isn’t ready to explode
It’s about making everyone’s life easier
Before our cultural ideas implode

It’s about being safe not sorry
To be aware of every action we take
Let’s be conscious of our decisions
Let’s not make the same mistake

┬ęDarren Hobson, owner of the when poetry flows brand and self publishing poet