This year
Has been a difficult year
Only worse
The queen could have cut off my head
Barred inside the tower of London
Distanced from the shore
Unable to cross tower bridge

From my solitary room
I spy the world outside
Unmentionable people without masks
Taken us for a ride
They wrote on facefook
That they were desperate
They had no hope no money
Yet carrying bags of loot from Pandora
Their ignorance seems macabre funny

What if they cut our pay
Make us work the weekends
What if I was a low paid nurse
Just trying to tie up loose ends
As they wrote on twitter
That the lockdown isn’t fair
Would they bury the mounting dead
Or choose their fake festive cheer

We note with agony the shallow souls of some
More worried about the lack of spritz in their wine bar
That their favourite hairdresser has highlighted they are closed
That the bargain bin warehouse of fake designer wear has collapsed
That their favourite action film has been delayed once or twice
That their flirt with the Orient is now frozen fried rice
That the only people they meet are on the other end of zoom
That they are now aware of the four corners of their room
That they have become aware that they live in a small house
Infested by cockroaches and a tattooed punk mouse
That from the window they can watch the council clean up
That tea actually tastes better from a non disposable cup
That nature is cruel but is so bloody beautiful
That without the presence of man they will take back what is theirs
As the whole nation closes their doors and make their own bed
Thousands and thousands are dreaming of crimson red

Not just the children that have been good
Even the elderly are at play
Waiting for a bearded man dressed in blood
Wanting to show humanity the way
Did you use too much plastic this year
How much petrol did you burn
Did you leave the lights on all night
Will you idiots ever learn
As the climate changes and devastates all
You plug in fairy lights and put me on the wall
My coca cola colours are a warning of my commercial worth
One pandemic won’t make mankind fall

Yet heed my warning on this festive night
We have still time to put things right
So don’t think of me when you lay down your head
Think of it as a warning , think of crimson red