It’s time to listen
Time to read
Art is a weapon
You’re gonna bleed
Fold the page
Come for a hook
Temptation glistening
With a new book

Hold your views
Overwrite fake news
Gallery of shame
Love is a game
Portrait a necessity
Photographic joy
From under the Christmas tree
Unfolds a new toy

It’s a great place to be
When you’re rolling on top
Got confidence in bundles
It’s such a superspot

Trickling down
The other side
Such glee
When she opened wide
Memories on Sandy lane
We did it again
Nobody lost
Anyone blamed?

Final dose
Up to close
Leaves in the trees
Words in the breeze
Squirrels with nuts
Tits in their house
Cat caught stalking
The cute pink mouse

Be what you wanna be
Go man go
Don’t be what you’re not
Rustling the superspot

Early in the morning
Or late at night
Tripping on an idea
That sounds right
Making no sense
Sometimes rhyme
Not worth the insomnia
Before breakfast time

Sweeping up
Dusting down
Listening to traffic
In this desolate town
Everyone going nowhere
A bit too fast
Thinking of a melody
That won’t last

Stop chewing gum
It’s getting in my hair
Let’s see what you’ve got
Heading down to the superspot

Look at her eyes
Poetic stare
Writing in her palms
Art in hair
Romance at sway
Verses in touch
I’ll take the whole encyclopedia
Thank you very much

Nothing is better
Than doing this
Cheaper than wine
Deeper than a kiss
Blown away
Explosive nitrate
Writing nonsense
By candlelight

It’s a chocolate swirl
A red-headed girl
It’s all I’ve got
For my superspot

It’s too long
You wanted it short
Mission failure
Time to abort?
It’s not over
Until verse 32
Keeping the flow
Stuck to glue

Wear a helmet
When drilling deep
Be careful of wishes
You don’t need to keep
Getting into trouble
In the perfect way
Looking back in Asia
In a Polish way

So clip my wings
Sever my tail
I’m a poet
With a superspot

Words for you
Therapy for me
You want the whole plot
From a superspot

┬ęDarren Hobson, owner of the when poetry flows brand and self publishing poet