We’re delicately interwoven
Heart strings tuned to a higher a pitch
A tapestry of broken promises
The hem frayed missing a stitch

Embroidery has cut me deep
All for the sake of romantic art
The days of the pandemic drown our feelings
Lockdown is tearing us apart

How can we realign our mental telepathy
How can we rise again with some dignity
Will we ever see the light of day
The stepping stones to lead our way
Forget the torment of this year
Cover up the mess of months of despair
Waiting for a new year , a new start
While 2020 keeps tearing us apart

Will we ever be together again
To live a life without fear of pain
To leave home without mask or gel
To be rid of this atrocity and hell
I hope while you carbonising your turkey
Overcooking the sprouts, burning baked beans
Overspending in your local Walmart
Remember what is tearing us apart

Did you over spend on your credit card again
Did you remember the pay back cost
How about those who cannot afford food
In this year where everything was lost
Employers found a good reason to lay you off
Millionaires had a perfect reason to sell up shop
To many animals in the boardroom with no heart
Watching us as we tear ourselves apart

It seems that everyone has had good reason to treat you like shit
To through you onto the street , saying you’ll get over it
A clear out and shutdown blame it on the bloody pandemic
Cost cutting measures the sinking of the Titanic
We’re all delicately interwoven drowning hand in hand
Heart strings were frayed and broken long ago
The tapestry faded like an ancient Roman mosaic
The hem was forgotten the least of our mistakes

The day will come again when we can stand tall
Break down this atrocity like we did with the Berlin wall.
We might be all fragile but we all have a heart
One day we will stop tearing ourselves apart

┬ęDarren Hobson, owner of the when poetry flows brand and self publishing poet