Time has passed
Minutes slowly heal
Memories fade
Distance made
Can’t remember
Why we fell apart
I just know
I’ve a black heart

Tremors like an earthquake
Rolling shock waves
Opening a chasm
Building a gulf

Emotions at sea
A closed book
Fading scriptures
Buried Captain Cook
Seven seas of wonder
I should be ashamed
I fell to pieces
All over again

Volcanic eruption
Creating new land mass
Volatile shockwaves
Can’t bridge the gulf

Uncharted waters
Incoming storm
Swimming against the current
Since I was born
D-day landings
V-day celebration
A hollow victory
Sick intention

Lava boils with rage
Sands of time
Hides the scars
Creates the gulf

Words become symbols
Untranslatable hieroglyphics
Overcomplicated conversation
Leads to a deadly silence
Latin or Sanskrit
That we don’t speak no more
A flower on an unreadable tombstone
A covered wound sore

Geology or biology
Astrology to fuckology
No thesis to explain
Our growing gulf

Habits have been studied
Defects have been explored
Mental health and uncertainties
Relationships implode
Two rubber dingies
Pushed in opposite directions
One towards safe shores
The other to a deadly waterfall

This earth is always changing
Geomorphic processes
A body of water to separate us
We can’t overcome this gulf