After a difficult year
Without much promise
As this terrible year
Starts coming to close
We all want to believe
In someone called Santa Claus

Everybody wants to dream
Erasing all their pain
Hoping this year was an anomaly
And will never happen again
Empty chairs at the Christmas table
Some working through the night
Less food to go around
Will someone out it right

Uncertain times and winter snow
Lockdown already back in place
Most people trapped and nowhere to go
The masks that hide our face
The frown lines and grey hairs of worry
Presents this year are downsized
We’ll do anything for a little more money
Trying to hold back the tears in our eyes.

As we lay the Christmas table
Trying not to think of our missing uncle
Or even parents and friends gone too soon
This day will never be the same again
But with grit and despair
We will carry on and push through
Bury our memories and this dreadful year
Clinging on like us survivors do.