Cover up
Paint over the grime
Hiding the cracks
If you have time
It’s all poppycock
Imagination run world
Light as a shuttlecock
Where are the lies?

When you don’t clean up your own mess
When under your suit you have a grimy vest
We should never judge a book by it’s cover
I can see the stains beneath the whitewash

Footprints lead to you
Even in the melting snow
You are the key to your demise
What have you got on show
All the leads tingle
You are not a bright spark
You left your DNA gleaming
You are not up to this lark

When you run off in too much of a hurry
With a road of weary broken hearts
We should be careful not to give you cover
We can see the stains beneath the whitewash

Hiding behind your fingers
I spy you behind your hair
So why not own up to what you’ve done
It’s time to play fair
Without a shadow of doubt
A cover up makes it worse
One lie snowballs into another
An avalanche in a couple of years

When you choose the shortcut
You got stuck in a dead end
You should be grateful for small mercies
Are you addicted to whitewash

Cover up is for fools
It’s ok to bend a couple of rules
Try not to hurt anyone’s feelings
Even if your ego is bleeding
You might not be completely to blame
But try not to go there again
Sometimes we have to face our fears
It’s the only way to survive here

You might have laundry on the kitchen floor
Between the orange peel and dog food
It all takes a minute or two to sweep up
Keeping it clean forget the whitewash