Thunder in the distance
A sound of a beating heart
A sound of something tearing
A sound of broken glass being trodden on
By you

You wasn’t supposed to be here
You weren’t supposed to get so near
With greedy weeping eyes you peer
You couldn’t believe what you had to hear
By you

And you alone
Had to break everything we ever had
You alone
Was the one who made everything so damn sad

Temptation to run away
Mesmerized by words
Following the flock
Being one of the herd
When options are limited
Future path is narrow
You fight back
With words that seem so shallow

And you alone
Has made this situation worse
You alone
Speak in riddles like a curse

Once you wanted to be let in
Now you just want to be out
Once you were full of confidence
Now you’re sodden with doubt
Once you had positive energy
Now your battery is flat
Once you laid your emotions out bare
Now you hide everything under your hat

And you alone
Did all this damage to me
And you alone
Decided to torture me

So what have you done ?
We could be having fun
You tripped over something buried
A seed grew in your head

You let it grow from nothing
It flourished into a whirlpool of doubt
Rain clouds dampened your enthusiasm
With no time ever to dry out
You kept on feeding your storm
It turned into hurricane 555
It swept into the shores of hope
It didn’t want to keep you alive.

And you died alone
There was no hope left inside
Why were you alone
When someone was by your side

As we mourn the passing of another great person
Looking back on what could have been
The grass is greener when we don’t overthink
When we don’t place everything in alphabetical order
Was it when you stared at the ceiling after midnight
When sleep seemed a distant fantasy
Did you see all the chess moves possible
Did your mind drag you deep in
Did you see every possible solution
Did you see a no win situation
Maybe the pessimism clouded your view
Without trusting people around you
You had no idea on what to do

You became alone
Even in the most crowded of rooms
You alone
Took your own smile away

Why were you alone?