Not quite a honey trap
Just temptation on a plate
Anything to get closer
Just a sweet course date

Do you have sugar tooth
Can you risk a few calories
Don’t worry I won’t tell
Your secret I’d safe with me

Sharing on your timeline
Something delicious to eat
I was desperate I needed to try
Can I tempt you with my apple pie

Not quite a mouse trap
I’ve ran out of cottage cheese
Monopoly takes too long
I like something quick to please

Do you have five minutes for me
I promise not to ruin your lipstick
Something tasty and divine
Something you can nibble up quick

Showing you a photo
Of what’s waiting in my pig sty
Don’t worry we’ll keep this between you and me
Can I tempt you with my apple pie

It’s not quite the usual trap
I won’t ask for anything more
I’ll be glad when you’re smiling
Eating something you adore

I will keep my distance
Yes I will keep everything clean
I won’t lock you in the flat
Do you really think I’m that mean

When the pie is finished you are free to go
No arguments or ways to see you cry
Come around have a large portion
Can I tempt you with my apple pie

It’s not some frozen knock off from a budget store
I assembled it myself , it’s no lie
Cooked in the oven with extra care
Go on
Let me tempt you with my apple pie