An awakening
A new sensation
How long can I hold on
Before I fall again

Take the sword
Which end will you grasp
Security or certain death
Can you win this fight

There’s something inside of me
And it ebbs and flows
Darkness and the light
With all my secrets it holds

Outcome sometimes cruel
Inside me fighting it’s a duel

When I wake up in the morning
I don’t know which side I’m on
All my values I held yesterday
In 24 hours they’ve all gone

Grit my teeth and pull myself clear
Scanning in around me
With the hope I’m not near
To the brink of my fragile sanity

I’ve been such a stupid fool
Within me fighting it’s a duel

Sometimes I believe it’s not worth fighting
I should lay down my arms and surrender
Give in to the day that suffocates me
Calming of the day after the thunder

It’s possible I’m weak and an unreliable ally
Sometimes I wish to be banished from here
But through the cracks I push for one more rally
Shouting from the top of my lungs , it’s so clear

A fight to the death in my body the arena
Headaches swell my head the Colosseum
Panic in my veins in the dust I tremble
Is this reality or just a dream

The clash of steel on steel as we fight
Every muscle burns as we give it all
Looking for strength and courage to last the night
One of us will surely fall

The duel rages on inside my head
Memories of old poems that reignite
Writing that I was better off dead
Because my decisions I never get right

Blow after blow after blow
So much damage has been done
Why I fight I do not know
Maybe it’s time to give in or run

I’m addicted to speaking my mind
And never bowing down to something inferior
I should grasp the energy of my wisdom
I’ve survived so far , what should I fear

Tempting fate
The pulse the thrill
Words are my sharpest tool
When I’m not involved in a duel.