Hungry to win
Hungry to be heard
Writing any old thing
Reality or absurd

Listening to feedback
Getting a kickback
Pushing so hard
Going nowhere

Fuel for a poet
Positivity and pain
Trying to show the world
I’m writing again
Fuel for a poet
Huge appetite
Getting the words in order
Night after night

Trying to find
A perfect combination
Based on truth
My self frustration

Looking for an answer
Without no reply
Brain numb from overexposure
A tear in my eye

Fuel for a poet
Trying to fly high
Got negativity in my bones
And I don’t know why
Fuel for a poet
High octane
Letting the poetry flow
All over again

Searching for originality
While sitting in the same spot
Knocking on my stubborn head
Searching for words I’ve forgot

Writing for amusement
Jotting down for therapy
Searching for hope
That’s not inside me

Fuel for a poet
Out of gas out of change
Pushing my motor to safety
Dangerous in the fast lane
Fuel for a poet
Swerving from the lights
Handbrake turns into obscurity
Nothing feels alright

Planning for doomsday
When all else fails
Sailing against the current
Without wind in my sails

Kicking myself silly
With a knock to my head
Being as stubborn as can be
Because I was born red

Fuel for a poet
Buffet never hits the spot
Give me a homemade lasagna
And I’ll eat the lot
Fuel for a poet
Now I’m fuel to the brim
Writing some more verses
Some might be perfectly grim