our divide

so many people
too many opinions
educated views
ignorant perceptions
religion is the solution
political suicide
football a sacrifice
this is our divide

the rich are the golden kings
having a poor outlook on life
swinging by their Versace ties
found dead by their teenage wife
technology had made things easy
social media suicide
memes that hurt the masses
this is our divide

music can be a well deserved break
an escape from the daily grind
but the mods and rockers are still fighting
the mythical Oasis can be so unkind
we are grouped into caste
the Kshatriya raped the Sudra
don’t be shocked by the system
this is our divide

while some people feel warmth in being educated
others overconfident with their archaic terms
some humans are desperate to get out of the rut
while the masses are too fucked to learn
every walk of life has its friction
every opinionated man a false pride
every dreamer has had his nightmare
this is our divide.
┬ęDarren Hobson 2020