Dark and cold I awake,
My bed is pushing me out,
Must go now downstairs,
Sleepy-eyed, I stand, I yawn,
Before I switch on the light,
To take my trip to the ground floor,
I see something out of the corner of my eye,
And I turned around to see some more,
And yes, there near the stairs,
There was something different something not right,
Something that should not be there,
On this wet and cold winters night,
Intrigued to look and wonder,
Scared to move and proceed,
Bemused by what is before me,
Scared , bemused and intrigued,
There is a light that shimmers in a corner,
On this night in a house with no lights on,
Standing half-naked watching with bated breath,
Wanting and needing to know what goes on,
Could this be my first paranormal event?
Or is this just a trick of the night,
Not moving, not fading, just shimmering,
Was it a reflection of somebodies light?
A thousand questions flooded over me,
Trying it’s best to push away the fear,
I was thinking of a radical solution,
Trying to judge what was here,
So could this be a friendly ghost,
Or could this be some sort of angel,
Judging by its inactivity.
It is not here to raise hell,
Could this be an alien life form?
Or a life form from another dimension,
Could this be a spiritual voice?
Wanting to know just heightens the tension,
So if it is a ghost then who and why,
Is it a man or women, girl or boy?
Sitting her with a rampant fantasy,
Forgetting fear, but embracing this new toy,
Not moving just shimmering,
I have been here ten minutes or more,
Do not want to wake or frighten my other half,
Now fear returns even more than before,
Hard to describe what I am feeling inside,
Paralysed I dare not move,
Just watching this strange light,
With not a clue on what I should do,
But nature calls with increasing alarm,
I must dash to the bathroom,
When need overrides the fear,
I’m quicker than a witch on a broom,
Now relieved I peer from the bathroom door,
To find my living room in the dark,
The light from before is no more,
My experience has gone up in smoke,
Thinking no more as sleep turns you to bed,
I return up the flight of stairs,
The love of my life hasn’t moved an inch,
And she doesn’t realise what’s gone on down there,
As sleep pushes me into my dream world,
I cannot help think of the experience below,
Maybe it was just residue of an epic nightmare,
As I succumb to sleep, I think no more,I sleep.

©Darren Hobson November 2013