when I was a skinny young lad
with not a single eye on the future
I used to sit in the bath tub with my duck
being grumpy and down on my luck

those baked beans made a natural jacuzzi
the egg might have been a bit rotten
as the soap suds vanish revealing my white torso
time to get out as I had wrinkles on my bottom

with a viking roar I stood up in the murky water
feeling proud to be young and carefree
unlike the swedish warrior ready for slaughter
I started to slip and I banged my knee

head over heels I landed with a thud
not knowing how I ended up on the bathroom floor
checking my pride and knobbly bits, no blood
but my skinny little ass was a bit sore

there I was a little winded but ok
thoughtful on the bathroom rug on a wet sunday
I swear it was the truth that is how it began
a journey that accompanied me turning into a man

still dripping on the floor I had a great vision
I had the urge to write my experience down on paper
I wanted the whole world to love and know me
that is the day I started writing poetry
© Darren Hobson 2020