What will become of us
Will we have changed
Did everything we build before this
Somehow become rearranged

Will the future hold the best of us
Are we still on the right path
Did memories play tricks on us
Is it still ok to laugh

Have we turned over the page
Is this world all virgin and new
Can we still hold on to hope
When the world is against you

Destiny has a sour taste
Afterwards it stings it bleeds
Impossible to ignore the tingle
Taste buds our live blood our hierarchy

Do we understand where we are going
Where this hidden path leads too
Beneath the canopy of angry trees
No light it seems to lead you

With tunnel vision and burning eyes
We can’t return to square one
We can only hope something of us remains
When all this bullshit is gone

Stumbling blindly through every day
A means of survival against urban decay
Trying not to get injuries scared of first aid
Hoping in trust that won’t lead you astray

Destiny is such a lonely path
It covers up its tracks beautifully
No moonlight no torchlight
Just the sound of yourself breathing

Are we alert are we growing stronger
Or are our anxieties talking hold
Why does every day seem like the same battle
Why are my emotions so numb and cold

Weariness drags along laziness
Pushing on into the misty abyss
Regretting all the celebrations of new years past
Nobody could have imagined this

When emotions are severed and seem untrue
This new reality has become here and now
The daily bombardment of news and woe
Deep down inside we have to survive somehow

Destiny can be indescribable
Sometimes missing a hidden ingredient
There is something in view but unreachable
Like a cute darling puppy who’s disobedient