romance is like drilling deep into diamond based bedrock with a soft silver spoon
it’s about getting eye contact and try not to be too honest too quick too soon
you’ve got to work at it day and night put you shift in and do some overtime
you’ve got to be patient like stalking a ghost be around when you need it most

when all is said and done
maybe we can have some fun
let’s get to see who is who
let’s get to the point of … you

all the questions you may ask but I know that you just don’t really want to know
you might have said all these words to someone else who burnt your trust
so you put a wall that is concrete and thick, bullet proof glass and solid as shit
romancing you has become a full skilled job put I ain’t getting paid until you’re all mine

when all the tough work is done
maybe we can have some fun
let’s get to know the real you
let’s get to know who is who

just when we thought we was getting somewhere you find yet another loose screw
all the doubts swim back into your mind and you take two steps back again
I’ve been truthful and honest , I’ve laid it all on the line now I don’t know what to do
romancing might not be for me , as you get older you have more baggage more pain

when you feel crazy and want to run
paranoid that there will be no fun
surrender and disarm and leave you
not knowing who is who

romancing is like drilling deep when you’re blindfolded and drunk as a skunk
you forget your lines forget your name and you choke, spitting feathers again
trembling with so much fear, knowing your are near but are you
I was making progress til the earthquake and the landslide took you away

now that the disaster was done
no chance of having fun
no more staring at you
now you know, who is who