If you have heart
You can move in art
With some insecurity
See deep inside of me
With some heart
It makes everything
With my heart
It makes the world
Go by

Bye bye bye
Here we go
We’ve got snow
Time to write some poetry
Here we have
An apple a pear
Paint it colour it
Canvas everywhere

I don’t know
What else to write
It might not
Come out right
How about a beetle
A cute little turtle
No no
Some amount of patience
A huge amount of heart
Yeah yeah yeah

Everywhere I go
With my golden hair
Inspiration to write
Sorry if I stare
While you paint the horizon
Or count your chickens
I’m writing about life
Of sheep with mittens

I don’t like to talk much
I’ve nothing great to say
Give me paper and pen
And I’ll write poetry all day
How about a giraffe
A cute little sexy snake
Maybe the dancing cats come back
Nah we don’t like sequels of sequels
Of sequels with sequins
We’ve seen to much Dracula
And not enough Dick Turpin
So don’t overpopulate
Just get your head thinking

Back to the start
And use your heart
Make use of it while it’s pumping
Headache might me thumping
Turn the page
It’s all the rage
No doodles on the column
No chewing gum under the desk
There are no teachers to harass you
So write in your tea stained vest

By the window
By candlelight
No no
With a cigarette in hand
And tequila on your breathe?
No no no nooo

Anytime is a good time
For flirting with art
Get your brain thinking
Use what’s left of your heart

Show us what you’re made of
Frogs and mice and all things nice
One cent a poem hitting the big time
Words in form and some of them rhyme

Should I stop
Should I go
No no
Should I stop wasting your time
And let all of this go
No no no nooo

Best to have a good time
Than none at all
Best to fluff your lines
Than to puncture a football
Taking all the necessary medicine
Precautions are child’s play
Using what’s left of my heart
In every golden day.