Writing is like taking a dog out
You have to keep them on a lead
Because if you let them all go free
Learn some manners Mr Poetry

Pushing ahead
When you just can’t go
Rather be in bed
Than trudging through the snow

Will there be a place for me
Maybe one verse can make the grade
Do all my words fall on deaf ears
No admirers to what I’ve made

It’s a craft we picked up here and there
I’m not a French polisher with a chair
I’m not a turner and I can’t assemble no more
Doubt you’ll ever see me back on the shop floor

Looking for the perfect words
To describe an imperfect world
Trying to strike a solid note
When the music doesn’t revolve
When politics remains in stalemate
I thought nobody played chess anymore
Do we even have time to read a book
Do we have time to push ahead

Frog on a leaf motionless , croaks
The apple never falls far from the tree
So in 2021 after all of our tears
Who really reads any form of poetry

To all authors who are struggling
To find a niche in this cruel world
Where adolescents are free to mock
The art that is centuries old
Where racism starts to multiply
Civil rights are continuously abused
If it was not for the photographer
This news would not get to you
The opposition might sweep it under the carpet
A thousand ways to censor you
But the photographer the journalist the poet
These are the people standing by you
There might not be a standing ovation
We will continue on with no drum roll
We continue to register all that’s gone wrong
In this collective community
We seek justice and the truth
We don’t want the lies of the weak and unsavoury
We want to stand tall and be as one
No division no tiers no caste
We will forge forward pushing ahead