Well since we split up I’ve not been okay
Life is damned in each and single way
Up shit creek without a paddle
But at least I don’t have to hear you gaggle

There is a hole in my life
But I definitely don’t miss you
So what did you do to me?
Did you really poison me!

So what was the name of the spell
Or was it the evil eye
Why can’t you be like normal ladies
Who just told me to fuck off and die

I can be ok with deleted posts
Even torn and burnt photographs
But come on pins in eerie voodoo dolls
Don’t be so bloody daft

There is a hole in my life
But I definitely don’t miss you
When you hit me with a bazooka
I knew that we were through

I wanted to set your life alight
Now you douse me with fire
Cut price flame thrower on eBay
That has three times the power

I’ve even heard you bought a ouija board
Trying to get evil spirits in a spin
You wanted me banished into a TV
I’m not screaming “they’re here ” again

There is a hole in my life
I might have a soul like a zombie
I don’t miss you at all
So stay the hell away

Incantations and all your damnations
The rabbits foot and poor grannies teeth
Dusty books and fake pointed hats
All of it is bringing me grief

Soul eaters and fire breathers
Irate deadly clawed black cats
All of this because I upset you
Pulling away the welcome mat

There is a hole in my life
It seems a bottomless chasm
With all that you do
All the thanks to you
But having a story with a deluded witch
With some mental issues in the mix
Now reduced to sharpening stick
Getting up to ancient tricks
All because I left you.