How long have you waited for this day
The day the crazy orange man goes away
He had his fans in Italy
But they aren’t part of me
So let’s celebrate this glorious day

We won’t miss the orange dildo
We don’t know where he’s been
Spending precious time on twitter
On a good day he was just obscene

From speeches about bleach
From tearing up of laws
Of discriminating the poor
And building a worthless wall

His handling of the pandemic
Now he has blood on his hands
Thanks to his stubborn pigheadedness
He’s the greatest serial killer in the land

He supports groups from the extreme far right
I bet he believed in the ku kluk Klan
How long can you hold your head up your arse
Before you can be like this man

When the American police murdered citizens
Based upon the colour of their skin
That asshole just sat on social network
Hoping the fascists would win

He bribed the judge and jury
Strangely he doesn’t like to pay taxes
If anyone on the breadline tried that
There would be jail for the masses

When the world was falling apart
He was seen laughing on his golf cart
As the countryside burned in California
He was unavailable or off the chart

He was even worse than Berlusconi
And he takes something to beat
When you hang around on the right
You will soon get your hands on a seat

Who the hell votes for these leeches
Corrupted senators and unlawful lawyers
What has the world come to
Is Facebook the new law and order

What is important is he’s going away
And America can start to heal
Hopefully giving a opportunity to everyone
No stupid get rich deals

Health and care for every citizen
Eradication of this pandemic
Let’s hope the new boss works hard
Because we can’t rely on twitter magic

So go on Donald hope you have bad luck
We all think the best Donald is a duck
Imagine that feathered friend kicking you out
With those immortal words . That’s all folks

©Darren Hobson 20 January 2021.

Sorry I just had to write something, it’s a glorious day seeing the back of that animal, I hope my American friends get the government they deserve.