We were young and we were together
Before the world turned cruel with age
Just two people seeing eye to eye
Trying to write on the same page

We thought we were solid you and I
I thought all my dreams had come true
In those winter months you warmed my soul
With all the little things we knew

We had a taste for adventure and mystery
Still hooked on Enid’s famous five
We loved running through the woods
Keeping our innocence alive

The weekends were best as we stayed together
Climbing ornamental rocks in the local park
On top of our climb the trains we spied
Those mechanical beasts going to and fro

We at that age were questions were asked
What do they do all day that boy and girl
I just loved her company nothing more
Nothing sinister in our ways

One day though as we sat together
She seemed strangely deep in thought
She blurted out loud go on and kiss me
She caught me by surprise

Who me I replied what a way to make things worse
No the frog you dummy she seemed cross
She puckered up and closed her eyes
I leaned over and kisses her on the cheek

Well I’m not you aunt she snorted
And being so bossy pointed to her lips
So I bent over to obey her order
She grabbed my head so I couldn’t retreat

What seemed an age our lips engaged
Not moving or opening just frozen
She was not impressed obviously not amused
She pushed me away again

Noting that our first kiss was horrendous
I learned towards her once again
She said you had your chance that is that
And pushed me away once again

She was in a strop and walked away
She got on her bike and off she went
No goodbye or see you tomorrow
Left me alone feeling all hollow

The next day I waited and the weekend after that
I watched the trains all alone
Soon months went by and spring approached
Looked like I was pushed away for good

Well I learnt one day it wasn’t my fault
Her family had to move away
Knowing her as I did
She made up this intricate play

Too hot headed to say goodbye
She decided to break things clean
Pretending to make a silly mistake
Which at the time seemed mean