As a writer I can get away with murder
Endless possibilities in verse
I might not be the best or worst
With limited money in my purse

The people I meet are having an audition
Not knowing what I have in store
When I get to know them a little better
The possibility of performing is more

I take all their attributes
And mince them into a poem
The stage is set for another romantic comedy
They don’t know what’s in store for them

Depending on who they are and what the say
They can be my friend or enemy
They are endless possibilities for them
They just have to perform for me

I would like to give applause to everyone
Write their names in the end credits
But so many people get offended
If I upset you I didn’t really mean it

Some get offended for invasion of privacy
Others because I gave them a small part
Some people angry because they’re not in the sequel
Others because I stole their heart

Yes I’m a poet getting away with murder
With endless possibilities for you all
I’m grateful my audience is like this
I can’t get into trouble being small

If by chance I made it big
And scholars studied my verse
All the worms would come out of the woodwork
My situation would become worse

So if you see me looking your way
It’s because I’ve got a part for you
With my imagination and endless possibilities
I’ve plenty for you to do

A disclosure so to apologize
I hope you didn’t take it the wrong way
I was hooked on your gorgeous eyes
In my verse you’re here to stay

Change the scenery change the year
Four seasons to add to originality
Endless possibilities on my page
So reader what would you like to be