There is a long list of what men shouldn’t do
It’s 2021 we haven’t permission to stare at you
So to be politically correct I’m  setting this poem
Way back in 1992

There is a lot to admire from head to toe
First impressions seem to last
I know it’s important for a lass to have a brain
Because beauty can whither very fast

There are a few well dressed ladies very prim
But they have less culture than a snail
It’s good to talk it’s amazing to listen
Strolling in a cold Moor Park

One thing that gets to me
Is what they wear on their feet
If she’s overdone it with stilettos
She’s not the lass for me

If she’s got converse high tops
Then I’ll think she’s great
Then again if I see doc martens
That’s the icing on the cake
But one style that really hits the spot
Are knee high boots with a chunky heel
With tight blue jeans and golden seams
They’re the type to make me squeal

Back in the Gatsby nightclub in 93
I looked around the joint for my mates
Back then I loved a girl in a leather jacket
When I went out on a date

With bullet belts and lace gloves
And a guns n roses t-shirt
Red lipstick drove me out of my mind
It wouldn’t hurt to flirt

She was wearing a denim mini skirt
With thick black leggings underneath
She was staring right at me
She had bubble gum between her teeth
When I saw her knee high boots
I took her home with me

Some ladies were disappointed with me
And some ladies didn’t have the right background
So I ended up back on my own
Searching for the perfect lass in town

It’s not being about superficial
It’s about fitting like a glove
It’s about sorting all your differences
In the name of love

So if I know you have a gorgeous mind
And have I wicked point of view
If I see you can read books and drink tea
Then you are the lass for me

If you dress like a female metalhead
Then you can get close to me
If you are wearing designer clothes
Then we might look silly

Even after all these wilderness years
The thigh high boot is still in fashion
On those gorgeous confident ladies
Walking with a mighty dollop of passion

They drive me wild and out of my mind
I’m sorry if you caught me staring
I’m so in love with thigh high boots
I salute you for being so daring