After a cruel long day
Time to take the weight off your feet
With orders ringing in your eyes
Trying to stay off the beers

Stress levels are at an all time high
Anxiety is swirling around your head
Not even Netflix can soothe the strain
Considering that it’s time for bed

Hoping tiredness wins over the thinking
The cogs up there keep grinding
Hoping I can leave all this behind
Can’t wait until I’m back dreaming

Concentrate to keep calm
Thinking of warm colours
Feeling an inner peace
Breathing , it’s a release

When I dream I don’t care
I feel alive I’m wanted there
I have all my friends around
Because we’re putting each other first

I’m smiling as I sleep
Dreaming hard sleeping deep
Fighting off all the anxieties
Trying to keep nightmares away

I dream in colour in the light of day
Positive energy and I want to stay
I’m not burning with unquestionable fear
I’m so alive I love it here

We’ve got to condense our dreams
Six hours is way to short
Because when the cat gets hungry
You will be woke

Taken away from the middle of a dream
That we forgot to record or memorize
As we dish out the cat food
We try to remember what it was

We all have had good dreams
Cherie is dreaming of Jason in the kitchen
Tammy is dancing with a knight in armour
I don’t know why Sabina is dreaming of a spatula

When the morning comes we are down
Knowing we have to fight to get into town
Pushed and shoved into a work routine
Were everyone is manipulative and mean

Spending all day in a daydream
Anything better than this routine
Counting the minutes down on the clock
Wanting to go home and stop…

Hoping the dreams we have tonight
Will soothe are scars and caress our souls
Diving deep into something psychedelic
Staying away from all things tragic

Instead we dream of cats running away
Of waterfalls in the sky in May
Black horses running through a cabbage patch
Someone is dreaming of Jason on Endor

So it’s goodnight from me
E buonanotte da lei
We all want to dream
All night and day

When we finally close our eyes after camomile tea
The phone starts ringing but it’s never for me
The neighbours drilling holes at eleven pm
Fireworks in the street oh fuck them

The cats are now running amok
They don’t want to sleep with all this noise
So they climb the walls fall from the fridge
Aggressively destroying all their toys

It’s not until around about two
When everything calms down
You just want to sleep
Take me away from reality

Finally snoring you fade into another dimension
Smiling to your pillows as the dream takes hold
Unfortunately the cats steal your covers
You wake up when your ass is cold

Staring at the clock it says four
Why I can’t I sleep anymore
The cat has one eye open
You know one false move he’ll pounce

So not only have I not dreamt
I have not slept at all
Knowing I’ll be as grumpy as hell
When I get to work got to survive

With too much coffee in my veins
I drag my sorry ass through the day
Feeling frazzled and irate
I just can’t function that way

Hoping I can get home and sleep
Dreaming of something real neat
Take me away from this daily grind
Without dreams I would lose my mind.