I don’t know you
but you came into my life
a mystery
a door way
a way ahead
the fruit of all my desires
so soft to hold
in my darkest hours
I love the way you feel
so mysterious
like orange peel
as I dig my fingers in
into your perfect skin
as I caress your outer layers
I see you smiling
I know you have a soul inside
an intelligence and wisdom divine
but as I hold you
on this first day
I’m just glad
that you’re all mine
my mystery
my true fantasy
the real deal
some orange peel
and in the days ahead
I find you naked in my bed
with that sinister smile
and all your beauty
for me to see
slowly I caress your body
delicately and tasting like honey
I like the way that you feel
so tangy like orange peel
as I dig my nails in
to your beauty
and delicate skin
I unravel your mysteries
knowing who you are
loving you more by far
you highlights I start to discover
like taking away the orange peel
finding the real fruit inside
the real you no longer hides
I find all of your juicy parts
to guide me ahead into the unknown
you are the fruit in my bowl
I have peeled away
what you hid
now you lie suggestively before me
with your beauty and bare skin
there is so much joy in sin
this is where we begin unravelling
and laughing cutting away the stitches
and opening pores
easing and massaging away
the aches and pains
and declaring that I’m forever yours
tighter and closer
the orange peel is no more
my confidence grows
shy no more
our inhibitions on the floor
darker and warmer we have become
closer for real
happier and confident
we just had to remove the orange peel
©Darren Hobson 13 February 2016

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