Hard to believe
In what you say
Just what you said
the other day
With your promises
And great ideas
You smiled
And almost cheered

Hard to believe
That was yesterday
Now the page has turned
You decided not to stay
With destiny
So many choices
To take and rake
Where you to quick
To make the mistake

Hard to believe
You even looked my way
So fascinating
You like what I say
Was it all a charade
A one way game
Thoughts elsewhere
How did you remember my name

Hard to believe
I looked up to you
Now I’m raw
From what you had to do
No knife wound
Could ever inflict
A deeper harsher wound
Than you ever did

Hard to believe
I’m left to pick up pieces
From a mysterious jigsaw
I forgot to memorize
Shaking with misery
Keeping away panic attacks
With deep breathing
Patience though I lack

Hard to believe
You led me astray
Grinding in that knife
Every single day
Like some parasite
Burrowing into my soul
You left me empty
When you promised to make me whole

Hard to believe
Your now predictable verse
Looking back sadly
I realise you’re a curse
A vampiric demon
Intoxicated from my grief
Hard to see the real person
Deep beneath

Hard to believe
On how I survived
You left me to rot
But I came out the other side
Worse for wear
Cut down to the bone
Searching for retribution
Revenge is to bold

Hard to believe
I was at your side
I should have noticed all the flowers
Beside you that quickly died
Putrefaction held your hands
What do you want from this man
You took everything from me
The next moment you was gone

Hard to believe
You are with someone else
A new victim how sweet
Who doubts his inner self
You caught me looking your way
Sinister smile mocking
Now I feel like I’m an accomplice
I felt his pain and did nothing