To protect you
To warm you
For security
Four walls
Or a den
Place of zen

We all need a place to belong
Somewhere where confidence grows
A zone to make us strong
Keep us warm when it snows

A starting point
You need it
When the world
Is chaotic
You need a place
To become whole again

We all need a place to hide
Somewhere where they can’t see you
A place at the end of the ride
When the wheels came off below you

A shelter
A protector
A barrier to hold back
The elements outside
An outpost
A feathery niche
A place to feed
Some fresh quiche

We all need a place to be attached to
A metal key can be worth so much
When the world is cruel and unkind
You can readjust but stay in touch

Your temple
Your chapel
A corner of this big world
Where you can feel whole
Your church
Your congregation
Your will power
Interesting conversation

Your hive
Keeping you alive
I place to be buzzy
With your hands in the honey
In a lodge
Busy as a beaver
Creating a dam
To hold back the flow

You are definitely at your best
Curled up in your nest
It’s magically and the best way to survive
Building hope and staying alive