If I had enough time
And a heap of confidence
I would stay right here
To fall in love with you

But all the time
That you’re not mine
Confidence seeps
Away from me

So most of the time
I fumble my words
Mumble not being heard
Except for me

It seems that anytime
I think of you
My heart races
I feel a little less blue

I can’t control time
I can’t manipulate the story
That changes the outcome
And you fall for me

Most of the time
I stand before you
Silent and pensive
Not wanting to harm you

It seems that every time
I pass your way
We have even less to say
Don’t ignore me

Maybe if I had stopped time
Then expressed my desires
When no was listening
Except you and me

But time has flown
And time is lost
You moved on
At my cost

Now I’m even more alone
Staying inside at home
But I still think of you
Time and time again.