You put your make up on
And your hair extensions glow
Ready for the digital camera
Then it’s a go gal go

Remember a high pitched voice
Maybe a Barbie boop smile
A table full of plastic toys
Selling them by the pile

Don’t forget to follow me
Put the notifications on
Remember to spread the word
You are an influencer

Look what I received today
Free gifts straight to my door
And if I get a million more followers
Surely I’ll get some more

I don’t sleep at night because I’m editing
I never hold my fake boyfriends hand
I’m always holding my favourite selfie stick
We’re inseparable don’t you understand

Every time food shopping is an event
Look at the discount on that
Look at the new junk food
Now it comes with twice the fat

You know you’re getting somewhere
When you are on the covers of magazines
Talking politics with your rap boyfriend
You are an influencer

Proud to present my new clothes line
I hope they’re not really made in Bangladesh
I hope they do better then my original makeup
I promise no animals died

I’ve sold my soul to Facebook and YouTube
My clothes are natural and not rude
I always shop in a flashy miniskirt
Showing my knickers will never hurt

Anything to get another million hooked
The dollars roll in under the door
While I’m currently surfing the crest of the wave
I’m still want so much more

Shoulder to shoulder with the rich and famous
You are invited to the hit chat show
Backstage filming for your congregation
You are an influencer

Don’t lose your voice for heaven’s sake
Just a week without you be disastrous
Your loyal followers would change channel
That might be best for all of us

Flick your hair don’t pick your nose
Try not to fart when going live
Manipulate your audience with blue eyes
You the influencer