Who put the doubt in society
Who divided us from the start
Who decided who is better
Even if we all have a heart

Fighting because of different creed
Battles with your political ideas
Tantrums because you support United
And your music is to extreme

Where does there have to be violence
That comes with so much destruction
Do we have to go to war because of division
In the end we are not the same

When you read religious texts wrong
And all you can see is ethnic cleansing
All your money is invested in bombs
Kudo points for the deadliest piece

Can’t we have constructive conversation
Why does there have me rivalry
When someone loses a tense derby
Why do we have to send in the cavalry

Everyone seems to spew their ideas
Mainly on social media platforms
Everyone is watched and classified
This is where animosity is born

Why can’t we walk at this together
Infighting is tiring and dumb
We should all set aside our differences
All future challenges can be won

Let’s iron out the doubts in society
Let’s embrace each and everyone
Stop the hatred and extreme politics
Respect each and every soul