Forgive me for what I write
I can’t see the world outside
Nothing new to report
As we all hide here inside

No new conversations
No intriguing mysteries
Just sat in between these walls
Toying with insanity

Missing the simpler days
The days were such a thrill
Now we are emotionless
When time stands still

I have nothing new to upload
So I search into the past
More time to go through the archives
Time once flew by fast

Remember all my failures
The different infatuations
How many off them did I hurt
That wasn’t my intention

I remember her at the newsagents
Counting launderette money
I drove her home one evening
She didn’t find it funny

I remember finding her again
I wrote to her saying that I was sorry
Maybe I frightened her
She just wrote coldly
Don’t beat yourself up

When time stands still
Overthinking overload
Like a washing machine too full
My cycle becomes erratic

As I burn on the super spin
Annoying the cats out of sleep
The zip on my imaginary cardigan
Knocks persistently on the door

I can’t remember what happened yesterday
But I remember that newsagents very well
I rented all their horror movies out
She was upset I could tell

I can’t remember who I met yesterday
But I remember those from 30 years ago
I still feel the cold of working in Oakenclough
Working desperately in two metres of snow

I remember the bastard Ford Escort
That managed to drive me to Liverpool
Losing oil and God knows what
It’s what us youngsters use to do

When time stands still
We always look over our shoulder
To when days were less complicated
And our decisions bolder

Driving along the A6, Shap at night in a blizzard
Two hours from home and the petrol low
By the skin of our teeth we managed
I don’t think I would have the courage now

Another trip at night we ended up in Wales
Drove my banger to Bangor
Stopped by the police for faulty lights
With me being English they weren’t polite

Time stands still I fell anxious
I feel my adventures are certainly over
I feel trapped I feel old and useless
I don’t think there will be another

Sorry to all those people I scared
Sorry to all those people I hurt
Hopefully you have forgotten my ways
Buried me in deep into the dirt