Just like when Christmas is over
And half the tree has drooped to the floor
All that nasty shiny tinsel is packed away
Packed up for months or evermore

Everything is boxed in
Boxed out
Encircled in plastic
Mislabeled and in the Gables
Twenty layers of sticky tape
Boxes from the sixties
Faded production codes
Recycled in my attic

In the sixties they tore down terraces
From another era better year
The built tower blocks 15 stories high
Stacking up residents in concrete boxes

With them boxed in they lost the community spirit
Doors were closed and locked and welded shut
So the drug gangs and rapists wouldn’t barge in
It was twice as bad in bloody Leeds

Everyone was boxed in
Boxing ring
In the corridors and lifts
And subterranean parking
Felt miles away
The vandals broke the lift
It’s a long way down from here
In my NHS wheelchair

Once you are all boxed in
Into residential areas you didn’t like
You are labelled like the rest mate
Everyone is a criminal on that estate

From Moss Side to Wade Hall
Moor Nook or Toxteth Liverpool
You are all boxed into a category
That is what everybody sees

Just like the tinsel that lasts forever
It takes generations just to forget
All the riots and looting that happened
So they knocked down the tower blocks

Moving the exsaperated residents away
Into different boxes on a newer estate
They just shifted the problem from out of the sky
And placed in the middle of the street

An accumulation of badly planned residences
Will be torture to decent folk who just want to survive
While the rotten few in the overloaded apple cart
Make it miserable for the others in their sight

From the terrace block to Carlise house
Infested with damp and many a mouse
The boxes of tinsel between mouse traps
The crumbling concrete with many gaps

When it rains in pours inside
Windy they sway side to side
Seasick on the fourteenth floor
Is that why we don’t go no more

We are all boxed up and feeling grim
From a cradle to a coffin squeeze ’em in
From a Morris Mini to a Austin Allegro
All the finest boxed designs in Leyland

Double decker buses in blue and white
Taking you back to raunchy Ribbleton tonight
Can’t wait for chips and see what’s on the box
Coronation Street with Barbara Knox

All our memories are all boxed up
But we don’t know what box it’s in
We have a huge box like warehouse
Millions of boxes but where do we begin?