You’ve been yapping for an hour
I can’t reply or get a word in
I didn’t meet you to here you whine
You are really fucking up my mind

It seems you’ve got a lot to say
Not my fault you had a bad day
Maybe pulling your head out of your arse
Would make this evening swing better

What I need is a musical interlude
Get my mojo back together
Music soothes my eardrums
Especially turned up to ten

You’ve been bashing on my drum
My throat is dry mind is numb
How can you string along so many words
A mindboggling use of antique verbs

You talking too much have a drink
Give me a second to bloody think
Let me have a look around feel relaxed
With you I can never do that

What I need is a musical interlude
Motorhead will surely drown you out
More speakers needed for the pounding
Hopefully loud enough so you can’t get a word in

Having you been planning this all day
I bet you’ve even written notes
You keep looking over into the mirror
I bet that’s the hidden teleprompter

Doesn’t your head swell speaking so well
You have a turbocharged word converter
Slow down my translator is working slow
Need to squirt sorry got to go

In the toilet for my musical interlude
All that nagging but I don’t want to be rude
For crying out loud shut the fuck up
You should be relaxing with a night on the town

Don’t repeat yourself I heard you the first time
Nope I’m not in a talkative mood again
Ahem yes I like nodding to complicated questions
Sorry dear if I switched off again

How does your tongue keep up the pace
Without quitting or staying out of place
Do your jaws hurt at the end of the night
Lubricate your joints in different points

Give me a musical interlude
Some death metal to soothe my soul
Anything is better than listening to you
Rewind and play it again

Give me a musical interlude
Just one song would do
The Rime of the ancient mariner by Maiden
Yeah almost 15 minutes without you

I’m not feeling any connection
Your verbal noise is pushing me away
I’m going to take my bottle on home
So please lady keep out of my way

As I walk away you become speechless
The whole joint stood up and applauded
I guess I wasn’t the only one going deaf
And that place was really crowded

At home I caress the stereo
Streaming music into my ego
I don’t recharge on just food
I just need a musical interlude