When I have no idea
I count to ten
Hoping all my memories
Flood back again
Then I have a filter
For the old and new
Just a few moments more
And I will know what to do

If only it was this easy in life
Instead of anxiety and strife
Making mountains out of molehills
Should I count to ten

I should have a pause
Long enough to have a thought
Scan my virtual horizon
Remember what I was taught
When I suffocate
I should count to ten
Cleanse my dirty mind
To take me back when
A time when all was simplified
Take me their again

Everyone is judged in real life
Nothing new and nothing nice
Insinuating and elaborating
Should I count to ten

Wish everyone could have
A great happy ending
That everyone could live
Without anxieties or worry
Done panic when dyspnea
Makes an unwelcome call
Just count to ten
Hopefully you’ll be calm again
What got you all tied up anyway
Hope it all fades away

Everyone has a little secret
Most have a little fantasy
Hope is what we thrive on
If not just count to ten

Where will life lead us
Will we find someone to please us
Will all my words be listened to
Will I be praised in what I do
Can’t you feel all the turmoil
Enough to make your blood boil
So many farfetched possibilities
Overthinking and anxieties
So many roads left unexplored
Too many cul-de-sacs closed
So many holes in the tapestry
All of those people that ignored me
All of my mistakes and foul mind
All of the good people I left behind
Why am I thinking of all of them
I should relax and count to ten