I should be better than this
I should be top of the table
But you didn’t hear a word
Skinny little sheep in a herd
If I’m not good enough
Should I be sleeping rough
It’s far too long for you
You should open wider just
To fit me in , in , in.

You don’t like my ideas
They amplify all your fears
You think I’m contagious in some way
You don’t like the things I say
Eh ,hey , hey yeah

Look around
What you’ve found
One verse poems
That don’t mean a fucking
Thing , ding , thing , thing

You want a little action
But no time for exploratory foreplay
You just want yourself coming
Then you say get the fuck
Out of the way
No way ,hey yeah

You want to eat to descent meal
But you’re too lazy to use a pan
You want lasagna on your plate
But that’s not part of the plan
Man, oh man

You want to cut corners
You took the shortcut
You need instant custard on your biscuits
And there is always a but
In the way I should
Fit in , in , in , in

Do you want me to read it to you
Come around to your house
Maybe do a little dance
To stop you looking at my pants
If you want good mash peel a potatoe
If you like tasty chicken buy it fresh
If you want an amazing poet
Then open your fucking eyes

I don’t want to be arrogant
Who knows me knows that’s not my style
But I’m sick of waiting for readers
Adding every day to my poetry pile
I’m trying to be a little positive
But I don’t see how I can win
There are better calmer poets
So where do I fit in?
In, in , in.