Do you remember the time
An illusion or crime
Full moon at night
Clear skies ahead
The fog has dispersed
Rolled on out back to sea
Revealing the coastline
Where you found me

I was a shipwreck in disguise
Cold and hungry and numb
My clothes wet and torn
Where did I come from
Unshaven and unwashed
Weak I couldn’t stand
You didn’t fear me
You just held out your hand

Took me back to your chalet
Warmed me by the fire
Gave me dry clothes
Some god awful soup too
Trembling I couldn’t speak
I had lost my mind
In deep thought I sat there
You was contemplating your find

Was I a threat
Was I a curse
Was I an omen
Or something worse
Was I a ghost
Was I a fiend
Was I the zombie
Mind eating kind

Darkness fell on us
Silence and candlelight
A storm had knocked out the power
But there were clear skies again
Very cold under the stars
I would have surely died outside
So you saved my life
And you feared for yours

Long way from a telephone
With me you are alone
Can you sleep knowing I’m here
Are you thinking of the knives
Maybe I’m far too weak
To hurt you in anyway
But what did the mist leave for you
How long will I stay

You feel no attraction to me
Normally you save drowned cats
But no cat food can nuorish me
You mind plays tricks on you
Are you thinking of poisoning me
Throw me back out to sea
Would you have the strength to do that
Or am I being silly ?

Was I alive
Am I dead
Why didn’t I reply
To all that you said
Was I a ghost
Could I be a friend
This situation
Where will it end

Startled by a solid thud on the door
Then another more and more
You asked who it was
But there came no reply
More insistent knocking
Then the door opened wide
There in the dark figures
And they were coming inside

Was the candlelight playing tricks
The light in here was poor
Seven naval men entered
They were lifeless you were sure
With their eyeless stare
Bag of bones for hands
They surrounded the guest
Looked like he understands

No words were spoken no fight
Seven ghouls were silent
What torment awaits after midnight
The group headed back to the door
The silent procession moved out
Accompanied the guest towards the sea
Walking unobstructed into the water
Will this set him free ?

What was I
What’s my fate
What was this
It don’t add up
Was I alive
Maybe dead
Is this real
Or all in your head

I was the guest and you saved me
But can a ghost really eat food
You changed my clothes dried my hair
I didn’t thank you, I was rude
Now alone in your chalet
The warmth escapes through the door
As you close yourself back inside
You start to shake more and more

So many questions are unanswered
Would this nightmare return
Should you flee this place of torment
Get a room back in town
Looking threw the window to see
What horrors lurked out to sea
All was calm stars twinkled bright
Would anything else happen tonight

Feeling cold and somewhat tired
You grab a drink and grandmas blanket
Curled up on the sturdy coach
Staring at the now empty chair
Mind was numb and confused
So much information to digest
Soon you fell asleep
Getting some well earned rest
And you dreamed

What was I
Where am I from
Is this the end
Am I gone
What was the connection
Was this fate
Was this foreseen
It’s too late

Will I come back
Will I be seen
Will I be talkative
Will I be mean
Was I a ghost
Or a vampire
Who was I
Sat next your fire


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