Wouldn’t it be just fun
To do something like
Get in the car and drive
Maybe for an hour or more
Select a random town
Park the car
Walk into a cafe or bar
Have a cup of tea
Be somewhere else

Somewhere where you are
The unknown stranger
Nobody will remember
All your drunken mistakes
A hello and a goodbye
As you listen on in
To their gossip
Not knowing who they are
As you are somewhere else

The cake on display looks great
Maybe a slice or two
Relaxing a little now
As the locals get use to me
Chattering behind Newspapers
Strategic glances in mirrors
Never seeing eye to eye
Curiosity killed the cat
Even when you’re somewhere else

As you sit at the table
Maybe read a book
The waitress brings you a drink
You catch her look
She just smiles or blushes
She doesn’t know who I am
Just a passerby
A random event
When I’m somewhere else

Anxiety starts to creep up
You feel as you’ve
Outstayed your welcome
Occupying a seat that’s not yours
Thinking of leaving
When the waitress popped over
She had her coat on
And her hair was let down
She said let’s go somewhere else

A random meeting
Some positivity
A radiant smile
Before me
A kiss goodnight
Then farewell
Maybe she was sad
I couldn’t tell
I had to be somewhere else.


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