What if we are an experiment
Gone wrong
Filed in a big red cabinet
Locked by key
A dossier labelled top secret
Full of dust
What if you was totally aware
All about it

We all stitched together
Just like big boy Frankenstein
A tapestry
A patchwork of cutoffs
But not enough brains
Just enough to move what
Beats and remains

Grown in a laboratory
Or sewn together
Someone recording dissecting
Our every move
Like a rab rat blinded by medicine
The scientists watch us
Do it all over again

They give us strange diseases
To see if we can survive
Deadly radioactive poisoning
To keep us alive
Another virus strain to reboot
And maim
Jotting down the deterioration
As it’s a game

All an illusion puppets on a string
Cut us loose
Let us know what are your intentions
Tell us the truth
Are we made just be destroyed
And forgotten
Are we just specimens on ice
But still rotten

Is this all about an elite strategy
And warfare
Is this humane or within the rules
So not fair
Is this huge world our greenhouse
You the microscope
Do we have any choice in this matter
Give us some hope

Why are we made to suffer
So many times
Why do we have to feel pain
Bleeding minds
A trajectory to a dead end
Hitting a brick wall
Is mankind just a sick experiment
Destined to fall

Wrapped up in false ideology
Nowhere to go
The leader of the pack arrogant
But he doesn’t know
We are the same muscle and bone
Badly wired
Days of endless lobotomy
That’s why we’re tired

What if you knew about the experimental
This is your life
Subjected to electroshock
Worse than a wife
Your only destiny is to die
They don’t say how
Can you pull the plug on your life support
And get out right now