If you have time on your hands
Lend me some time
I will write some words
And they might even rhyme

I go from anger to love
Underlining the Mafia of politics
From humour to stern
Stay with me I’m a bag of tricks

Some days my poetry rules
Other days I’m not so sure
But the more you write
The more you can endure

Some friends will ignore you
They think this is a waste of time
So I will loan them a watch
With an annoying chime

Not everyone will love my poetry
I have gained mass unfollowers
Sometimes my work is praised
Many times my posts erased

I shouldn’t get angry
Or get in a fit of a rage
I should just plod on
With yet another page

Practice makes perfect
See you in chapter thirty three
Letting the poetry flow
Describing all about me

Today dragons will nest
And the political circus rolls on
All the selfish idiots crowding together
Who cares who has won

At least football gave us a surprise
United hit Southampton for nine
With our defence so bloody fragile
Most games are a pantomime

Everyone lost a great grandfather yesterday
We all loved what Tom achieved
One hundred years old with a golden spirit
Thousands of people now grief

With my poetry a daily summary
A personal diary with full view
So come on over read some more
Share my work like good readers do

Just not this poem
One of my better ones