Anytime you’re ready
Anything you need
Just shout me out
And I’ll be on your feed

I’ll touch your heart
I might even share
Depends on your eyes
And the waviness of your hair

Social media rules
Adding SEO tools
Underline and define
Blogging all that’s mine

Hashtags here and there
American rules a little unfair
Don’t spam me if I like you
Only fake emotions untrue

I want to be everything
I want everyone to see
But the harsh truth is evident
Everyone unfollows me

So but on a little makeup
Show a little more flesh
The difference is astounding
Trapped egos in a mesh

Social media fools
We’re all here now
Shouting me , me , me
With innuendo emoticons

Write a few lines of Shakespeare
When you don’t know how to read
Maybe a little ancient history
To spice up your worthless feed

Can’t go wrong with cats
Especially on caturday
A few dancing crows
Will make anyone’s day

Social media rules
Into denial and internet jail
See the politicians start trending
As the opposition bails

It’s the decline of all mankind
As we forget to read a book
Hours wasted digitally
We even forgot to cook

Mind wiped of all functions
The government loves the brain dead
They’ve uneducated the nation
By overloading your head

Sponsored fake news
To get the population on side
They can’t revolt in the streets
If they’re busy online

Social media news
A downgrading of humanity
Non stop twittering
For the rest of eternity

One more like today
Records are broken
They’ve dumbed us down
The rulers have spoken

Social media rules
Brainwashed fools
Technology giants reap the rewards
Taking what you thought was yours

Social medial decay
Took your privacy away
Sold your photos to YouPorn
Revengeporn no royalties.