Would you forget me
If I didn’t write
Would you dream of me
After this night
How can I remain
In your memories
How can I gain
Your trust in me

Even when I’m distracted
And I hate myself
Can you be the light
To put me right
Among all the things divine
Living so far apart
Never to be truly mine
But everything you do
In so many ways
Is so appreciated

I feel bad for not being closer
But I was born an English wanker
So many neurotic defects
I didn’t have a chance
And when my body bleeds
It’s my only escape
I didn’t mean to abuse our friendship
My only thoughts are of you
Is what’s keeping me motivated
You seem pissed off with me
I didn’t want to burden you
I just love everything about you

I’m premature and sticky
I can’t stop to memorize
When I see you in my comments
I fall in love with your eyes

You are so far away
But you are close in thought
You’ve made me better
With everything you’ve
Given to me

I feel a bastard for coming into your life
I wish I was a better soul
I want to soothe you on your bad days
Be there for you when you fall

What can I do more to be there
It seems I only hurt you
You have an amazing smile
That’s what I want from you

You are definitely not so old
I see the youth in your eyes
I feel warmth in your consideration
You don’t tolerate my demise

I like what you share
Wish I could be there
Instead I’m so far away
Distance every day
You don’t believe what I say
So I wrote this for you
You are my sanctuary my den
I want to say it
All over again