Wouldn’t it be amazing
To see something different
Some positive news
Like intelligence in politics
People in power giving the people
Exactly what the need
Instead of businessmen
Saving the banks
And being inundated with greed

Like footballers playing football
Not thinking of doubling their wealth
Giving the maximum all of their strength
Putting it on the line risking their health
Just for one more victory
That could raise the spirits
In this town ravaged by redundancy
Thousands of poor with no hope

How about nurses being treated with respect
Paid for all the blood and tears they have seen
Being protected from all bugs and viruses
Not the last in line after the wealthy
And the sponsors of the armed race
Give them a reason to carry on caring
In safety and tranquility and security
Don’t murder the health workers

Food has to be food no more junk
No added hormones or modifications
Just a free ranged chicken without steroids
Bent bananas and double headed tomatoes
No plastic wrapped fruit with double wax
Ban all pesticides ban food waste
All surplus food given to the poor
Divide our shortcomings with better taste

Let the children be taught the three rs
Show history teach them geography
Let’s rebuild a culture a Library of ideas
Making teachers saints with diplomacy
All those amazing people in nurseries
Babysitting the kids while you work
Everyone should have motivation
Now that would be a nice surprise

Let the bad guys get all off the bad luck
Tax the crime lords twice what the earn
The swindlers and con artists are dinosaurs
Make them extinct for once and for all
Let’s all focus on a helicopter in Florida
That unfortunately lost power with Trump inside
Crashing into the swamp , hungry alligators glee
Now that would be a pleasant surprise.