Under the surface
Something grows
It’s dark and toxic
But nothing shows
It’s deep and pathetic
Monotonous and lethargic
Ignored but flows
On the radar it doesn’t show

Uncontrollable unannounced
Corrosive like paint stripper
Where the intolerable few reside
On the dark internet they hide
Extreme ideas , terrorists
Old fashioned views on race
Ill advised sick supremacy
Murder in their uncaring eyes

With their tight boundaries
Sad sexist views
They are seen in packs
On the right wing news
Some with shaved heads
Most with broken noses
A badly drawn tattoo
Beautified with roses

They found their way
Into the seats of power
Suit and ties and sunglasses
The jackets covering their souls
They want ethnic cleansing
Brexit worshipping
They go on the terraces for war
Spent their afternoons fighting

In this society that is difficult to survive
Radicalism is definitely on the rise
If the authorities can’t control crime
The underbelly will grow in size
When the police don’t intervene
In what they call petty crime
The thugs put on their boots on
For them it’s clocking on time

Fuelling the ferocious fire of society
Drugs and alcohol and squalid rules
Back street alleys in the underworld
Bullies and hypocrits mindless fools
Unintelligent they follow another world
Nazism and fascism on their table
They have forgotten past atrocities
Let’s get these bastards off our streets

The underbelly has swollen in size
Ready to burst into the fabric of society
Uncensored and uncontrollable
Hard to mop up what you can’t see
Thanks to social media it’s been romanticised
Lots of uneducated kids radicalised
Looking for soldiers of hate and prejudice
What is the underbelly?
It is all of this.