She wanted to meet
So I said ok sure
I’ve been off the map
For far too long
I’m not admitting I’m afraid
But I’m not okay
I might forget my lines
And have nothing to say

She wanted to eat
So that’s a dilemma
Does she eat meat
Or should we have pizza
Will she drink wine
Or maybe just coke
Maybe she wants high class
Or maybe she’s broke

She said let’s go far from here
Which translates she’s ashamed
She doesn’t want her friends
Seeing her being happy with me
Does she know where she’s going
Does she know where I’ve been
She seems too young to take control
She’s only played with boys up to then

She wanted a stroll before the meal
So she can settle her nerves
Should I walk close to her
Be a hero and hold her hand
She might be a new breed of lady
Who doesn’t like affection in the street
Treating me like I had the plague
She doesn’t want me under her feet

She wanted a drink before the pizzeria
So I said sod it and I ordered a beer
With that she replied that’s so old school
Hey lady I can’t remember my school
She smiled then said so are you saying I’m too young
I said you’re the one who has hidden me here
Out of sight of your relatives and friends
I must be out of touch and out of the trend

She wanted a Margherita pizza simple and sweet
I ordered something with a bit more to chew
As she was driving she only drank water
I couldn’t wait until this meal was through
We hardly talked she chatted on her phone
Taking polite little nibbles out of her now cold meal
I was sat opposite her but I felt so alone
I stayed quiet not asking what was the deal

She just wanted to step out of her life
She felt protected by a man twice her age
Nothing sinister happened it was a never again
I was just a comma on a sad empty page
She wanted to be ushered away
From the madness she called reality
Just a relaxing pizza by the romantic lake
She just wanted that she didn’t want me