It’s a long journey
Grab a packed lunch
Something real ugly
Make sure it will crunch
I doubt you need a compass
More use with a calculator
Batteries fade when you least expect it
How about a defibrillator

It will be exhausting
Use something comfy on your feet
High heels won’t be adequate
Walking street after street
The weather is never kind
But no need for a flask of hot tea
There will be lots of pitstops
Memorize everything you can see

When you reach the crossroads
You have to choose very well
Calculate using your head
Selecting the correct way ahead

To the right
And to the hills
Mountainous roads
Lots of thrills
A pack of steep slopes
So please don’t look down
Heading to the clouds now
Silence all around

When it’s lonely and cold
Can you feel that in your bones
100 miles from anywhere
Anxious to not be on a familiar road
People greet you with suspicion
They scurry away from you
But the view is great up here
And the skies are a perfect blue

But like everyone who reaches high
Your path forward is vulnerable
You become a lame sitting duck
And the natives want a kill
Protect yourself and don’t stand still
Exhausted you just can’t turn back
You’ve got to grow some thick skin
Thicker armor for each attack

To the left
Versus the sea
Into the plains
Farmers busy
Recuperated lands
Once were marshes
Now fighting with the elements
With rose tinted glasses

When it’s sunny and warm
And it finally warms your bones
Still 100 miles from everywhere
Suspicious you have chosen the wrong road
People don’t even look your way
They carry on tending to their chores
But the land is so perfectly flat here
What is theirs is never yours

But like everyone who falls so low
Your path forward can only be better
Protect yourself somewhere from the storm
Ride out all this oppressive weather
Keep yourself sane don’t fall ill
Exhausted in the quagmire of a swamp
You’ve got to learn to keep your head high
You don’t want to be drinking that filth

Straight ahead
Towards the horizon
Into tomorrow
With no turning back
Familiar roads
Same old news
Forgotten friends
Antique views

Carry on like nothing has happened
Moving away like it has no meaning
Mile after mile of endless highways
Somehow your heart keeps beating
No time to explore other options
Just steamrollering ahead
Passing over every problem and obstacle
Hot headedness moves you ahead

But like everyone who ignored their fate
The only realise when it’s far too late
They’ve moved on into a different time
Turned the page into another pantomime
You’ve gone too far to turn back now
You have to move ahead someway somehow
No time for sentiment no time to cry
You choose the way ahead and you don’t know why

It’s still a long journey
You haven’t touched your lunch
You’ve been overthinking again
You’ve ignored yourself too much
Did you need a compass on a familiar road
Just a calculator to measure the strain and toll
Batteries leaked the batteries burn
Heart beats faster missing every turn

You are weary and so exhausted
Feels like you have holes in your feet
No matter what kind of shoes you wear
The get worn out on these rough streets
The weather is never your friend
You’ve began to hate the foul flavour of tea
Annoyed with the length and breadth of the voyage
Just forget everything you see