Before I go any further I want to underline a theory
Something I know , something that is close to me
Something I have tasted a bitter after taste
It’s a mirage a virus something gone to waste

This main story has nothing to do with what I now here write
This is a parallel observation to sound myself out
Just putting into context the modern world of today
How love and romance has faded away

Love is not all it seems to be
Love seems to be destroying you and me
Love is a myth and cannot be seen
Love is dangerous and fucking obscene

In the first moments of infatuation we seem to know where we are
Misty eyes are blurred over as you are hit by a fast car
Holding onto every single word listening to all the useless info shared
Looking back to that bloody scene it seems so absurd

No matter your experience you just can’t keep it in your pants
Your brain goes to mushy peas and your heart out to lunch
You don’t seem to make sense and stutter your words
You keep getting the questions wrong and the answers are not there

Love is not all it seems to be
Love is the darkest fucked up fantasy
Love is dividing where they should be union
Love is as obnoxious as a freshly peeled onion

It’s not just about the clothes you are hardly wearing
It’s not by the accent or even the constant swearing
Fuck the perfume because I have smelt them all before
I’m like a cat catching its tail going on for evermore

I was not looking for adventure I was too depressed to see
I was minding my own business when you bumped into me
So if you didn’t want to cook my fries why hand out the sauce
I was thrown in the frying pan ready for the first course

Love is not all it seems to be
Love is dirty than all the shit in me
Love is futile it’s a loaded shotgun
Love aims at you and won’t inform you to run

When you are in the hunt but don’t realize you are
Like tapping dancing on the motorway pretend there are no cars
Why did it happen to me said the idiot so what’s the score
No wonder I couldn’t take this bullshit anymore

So you are not single but you are not hurting anyone
Trying telling that to the plastic Ken sharing your bed
It’s just a chemical romance so it wasn’t really love
It was an opportunity you couldn’t miss it didn’t last long

Love is not all it seems to be
Love is that feeling dripping to your knees
Love is erased when you feel ashamed
Love is just another risky game

So what do we call lust now that love has gone perverse
Did you actually make love when you opened your purse
Would there be a second time or did he not score well
Was his dick far too small for you to even tell

So if it’s true love or just a quick bump in the dark of night
Even if it isn’t do you still actually feel alright
Are you doing this because it is the modern thing to do
Do you always feel alone when no one is fucking you

Love is a virus but we don’t how to cure it
Love is a feeling but no one can describe it
Love is taken for granted a token of affection
Love can’t be about just getting an erection

Love is so hopeless in 2019
Love is no longer romantic but so obscene
Love is about an Instagram post five minutes after
Love is smoking a cigarette can you hear the laughter

Love is no longer found in crap poetry
Love is redundant just like romance
Love is underestimated a thing of the past
Love for me is something that can never last

Poem is from the ebook “AURORA” (2019) which is a modern love story without love and affection , just infatuation misplaced words, a healthy dose of paranoid thoughts, too many what ifs, when society has a thousand rules and you intend to go against each and everyone of them , you know you just can’t win. Full of foul language because that is reality.

you can download a free copy of Aurora on google play or Scribd links below.

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