The world won’t end tomorrow
Pass it on
That kind of thinking won’t ever
Be beneficial
Live your life the why you see fit
Be radical
Just don’t be arrogant or deceitful
Pass it on

With a little love juice
You can go along way
Even when it rains
You still can have a great day
With chocolate chips
And sour cream crisps
Keep your cupboards stocked
For when winter hits your mind

We’ve got hot chocolate cravings
Marshmallows full of cream
We’ve got cake and vanilla
Anything for a wet dream
While you indulge in sugar
You’ve got to let it all go
While your whiskers are sticky
Don’t ever get too low

You will be still alive tomorrow
You can pass it on
All those people who hate you
Will not win
They think they are superior
Don’t let them get to you
They don’t know what anxiety is
Another win for you

You’ve got eggs and bacon on your plate
You know it’s going to be a good day
As you mount another colossal lasagna
As everyone should
Those bastards are out of bloody sight
Off your mind
Another helping of carbonara
Good therapy I find

When the food has hit the spot
Listen to a melody or two
Those bastards don’t know how to
Motherfucking rock
After some sounds delve into a movie
Horror or Star Wars
Get your mojo humming into the groove
How can you feel lonely

They will eventually forget what you said
And pass that on
I know I called you a cunt and all that
You know it’s true
Don’t step on my feet if you know
What is good for you
If you think you are superior than me
Well bye bye and fuck you

On my down dark days
You might get to me
I know you don’t mean to
But you are a corrupted bully
I know you have shit to plough
I’m sorry if you are sad
But being an obstacle in my life
Is only going to be bad

I’ve survived thus far can’t you see
Pass that on
Even though I don’t see myself in the future
But I’m still breathing
Who will fill my smelly boots
When I’m gone
Life will be a collapsing strawberry jelly
Infected with vinegar
Even though I can be inferior
I’ve just begun a new year

Anything or anyone to pass the time
Got to subdue the voices in my mind
Got to stop serial commenting
Too many likes for beautiful girls
You can pass it on
I know I’m wrong
I’m fighting here
Don’t get too close
The crossfire is fucking lethal
I’m an abandoned landmine
Ready to explode
I suggest you pack up your frilly knickers
Run to the hills
Don’t worry about the money
I pay my own bills
Pass that on
I don’t care if you are a good citizen
Who chooses to shave twice a day
Haven’t been to a rock concert
Get the hell out of my way
Even though the anxiety is killing me
I prefer the alternative road
Yeah look at me the abomination
That crazy motherfucking asshole
Pass it on
When the mirrors catches my reflection
And throws it back at me
The cracks are meant for these walls
Not for what is inside of me
As I contemplate old age and neglection
My mood swings and mental strains
How the fuck am I still here writing
Underlining all my growing pains

As I work hard to get noticed
As more people try to bury me
I’m writing essays every day now
Is it still not good enough for you
Delving deep into twisted tissue
The lasagna riddled torso
The liver went on strike a few times
The reason it’s going, even more so
Pass it on

Pass it on, make a change
Make everything worse again
You believe in violence
You believe in pain
You got a hard on for Brian Warner
That gezzer is insane
It seems everyone has a dark side
But they love you when you are on all the covers
Fucking dope show
Everyone is a target
Gina is a fascist
Iron Man got ironed out
Isn’t that fantastic
Pass it on

Kill all your idols
Burn all their records
Baycott everything Harvey did
You loved them before
You didn’t love me
Pass it on

We should not be picking on the geniuses
We should be eradicating those who destroy
Eliminating all people with greed and envy
Those people who bury their enemies
Just to gain a better status symbol
To downgrade us poets on Instagram
As they inundate our feeds with adverts
And blacklist everything that has sense
Moderators accept ass and boob cracks
But not those dedicated posts on mental health
This society is totally perverse
Are you part of that theology
Am I putting petrol on the fire
Is this ok
If not
Pass it on