When you catch the beast
beware of claws
They are savage
Natures laws
They don’t want to be restricted
They don’t need to be
Ever confined
Just like me

You follow some moral laws
Maybe religion
I don’t go to Sunday club
That’s my decision
I respect your beliefs
Do not expect me to be the same
I will give you space
But I won’t join your game

I’m not fenced in
I have no boundaries
Unleashed from chains
I’m not tethered

I know you went to university
Studied everything literature literally
I know there are rules when writing
Unfortunately it doesn’t apply to me
It’s not arrogance or ignorance
It just feels comfortable this way
I might not ever win an acclaim
It just matches what I say

You got married and then divorced
Fought with your kids every day
You spent a fortune on sordid lawyers
Did you enjoy spending this way
You fell out with most of the town
Because you ended up with someone else
So follow the rules and be unhappy
Alone and abandoned on a shelf

I could leave here tomorrow
Find another way of life
I have less of noose around my neck
I don’t feel so tethered

The wild horses roam so free
They have no saddle to wear them down
They have the toxic wind in their mane
But they can gallop away from town
Would I like constraints
I definitely would say neigh
I like these unkempt edges
I like breathing this way

Why should we work from nine to five
Eat our miserable dinner at noon
Why can’t we all relax and mellow
We can’t we dance to another tune
There is so much fear of making a mistake
Anxiety that you will be a laughing stock
Why do we have to listen to others opinions
They might be in for a shock

Unchain me
Set me free again
Never been in handcuffs
Only once in a cell
But I was set free
Now I’m on my own
I want to be flexible
So lower your tone
The thirsty dog tied down
The unfed horse under the sun
The mayor’s daughter chained to your bed
Now look at what YOU have done