Life is sweet and I don’t know it
Everything can be grown from a tree
Whatever becomes dead or old
In the heart that belongs to me

The grass is greener on the other side
The truth is not always eradicated by white lies
Fertilizer bullshit and gamma rays
Always lead to darker days

The fruit is just too good to taste
Yet I let it all go to waste
I’ve destroyed this heart of mine
You could never be my clementine

If you decide to follow the four seasons
Extract the data and subtract the reason
You can be the fruit of your very own harvest
With emotions you can prosper if you invest

Under the suns golden rays
The fruit is ripened always
Ready to pick before it falls
Ready and red like cricket balls

The fruit sometimes is just out of reach
You shouldn’t always practise what you preach
I’m getting killed in the fake sunshine
You can never taste my clementine

The cold touch of frost
The plague of decay
A simple mishap
Can take it all away
The farmers chainsaw
The Preston by pass
Meadows on the drawing board
Nature never lasts
Some things should never be grown
Most things should be left to rot
Don’t manipulate the DNA
Even if it’s your only best shot

Under crisp blue skies let it grow
Most life dies in the November snow
To be reborn again in the spring
In life we haven’t really learnt anything

As the running rivers flow
As life pulses eyes aglow
Don’t be poisoned from my mind
Don’t suck on my sick clementine

I have a bitter aftertaste
Rotten to the core a poetic disgrace
Don’t suckle on the citrus fruit of mine
Don’t taste my clementine

this poem is part of the collection I published in the free eBook Pandemic days, written during the first lockdown 2020 here in Italy. Links are below. shortly after this collection I followed it up with Pandemic days Phase II , these were the last eBooks I published, due to them under-performing.

Pandemic Days

Pandemic days Phase II