sitting in the sunshine writing a song
I couldn’t even sing or keep a tune
as I kept on daydreaming about my plight
I realized I was sitting under the moon

the summer breeze it tugged at my shirt
small little bats came out of the town hall
I couldn’t even whistle I didn’t know how to howl
but being at night I felt six feet tall

I imagine singing this in a bluesy style
a double bass keeps the rhythm a flow
trying to have emotion and cool in my voice
putting on a new kind of rock n roll show

I remember the time when I tried to sing along
those old buckled records on a Sunday morning
Buddy Holly rockabilly or maybe the king
I had a lot of imagination but no swing

oh yes I could dream I was a rock n roll man
but I’m scared of my shadow and became a recluse
for every good idea I had I turned and ran
now I’m too old to be that rock n roll man

So I sit here humming a fresh song
Out of tune with the words all wrong
What could bes became a distant memory
I only sing badly to make my self free

Maybe if I had confidence and not to shy
I could stroll up on to that marvelous stage
Show the world my poetry yes I can
Be for a second that rock n’ roll man.